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    Hopefully Ariana wakes up by the third album

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    plucking your eyebrows is legitimately very stressful because you pull out one wrong hair and it’s game over

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    yes, that is britney spears, (who has sold more than 200 Million records, has six #1 albums, 2 diamond albums, has more than 400 awards, and is worth 200 million dollars) waiting in line to be served at starbucks wearing pyjamas

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    almost five years of lovin. And now he sings and plays ukelele songs like “you are my sunshine” for our tiny babe & talks to him/her through my belly button. I’m so sappy and grateful and full-hearted tonight.

    so fucking adorable

    help meeeeeeeee

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    Black Leopard’s Reaction When He Sees His Favorite Zoo Keeper

    I want that job now.

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